Hey everyone! Today I show you some tips for using coconut oil. This oil is a wonder weapon for your skin. I love this oil and I use it nearly every day.



Tip 1 Makeup Remover

Put some coconut oil on cotton rounds and clean your face. It cleanse away the dirt from your skin. Love it.


Tip 2 Lip Scrub

Mix some coconut oil with sugar and put it on your lips. Now rub above your lips. They get so super soft.
coconut oil

Tip 3 Conditioner

Massage a few tablespoons of oil into your hair and leave it overnight. The oil repairs your strawy hair.


Tip 4 After shave lotion

After shaving, take some oil and put it on your legs. It helps to heal your skin and it’s also perfect for razor burn.


Tip 5 Lip Balm

Put some oil on your lips. They will be so soft after that.


coconut oil


Tip 6 Body lotion

Use the oil like a body lotion while skin is still wet after a shower.


Tip 7 Against Acne

Take some oil and leave on your impurities for 10-15 minutes.


For example, you can get the oil here.

Enjoy your week!

XOXO Kerstin


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