Hey everyone! Only six days till christmas! I’m so glad that tomorrow is my last day at university before Christmas. Today I show you a super easy christmas card. Enjoy!


What you need for your Christmas card

  • white paper
  • paper in another color
  • glue
  • thread
  • wrapping paper
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors


christmas card


Step 1

Take your white paper, fold it and take your ruler to mark some points.

The first point is at 2cm than 6cm, 9cm and 11cm.


christmas card


Step 2

Take your ruler and make some lines – as you can see it in the picture. The first line is 3,5cm the next 3,5cm, 3cm and 2cm.

Now cut along the line.


christmas card


Step 3

Fold the paper as you can see it in the picture.


christmas card


Step 4

Fold the paper as you can see it in the picture. Now you have a 3D-effect.


christmas card


Step 5

Now you need your wrapping paper and your thread. Cut out 3 pieces in the size: 7cm x 4cm, 6cm x 3cm and 4cm x 2cm.

Take some thread and put it on the three peaces as you can see it.


christmas card


Step 6

Now take your glue and stick the three peaces on your christmas card. I also stuck a little ribbon above the presents.


I hope you enjoyed the quick DIY.

Wish you a nice day!
XOXO Kerstin

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