Hey everyone! Today is Christmas. Tonight here in Austria the Christkind will come and bring all the nice children presents. We can’t wait till tonight. To wrap up our busy advent we decided to make a little Christmas Q&A. Merry Christmas to you all!


1. How do you celebrate Christmas? Are there certain traditions?

Kerstin: I’ll celebrate with my parents and my sister. It’s also my sisters birthday so we celebrate in the afternoon her birthday and in the evening Christmas.

Virginie: I always celebrate with my parents and my little brother. My mum cooks the most delicious menu, while my dad plays some games with us. When the bell rings we know that the Christmas was here and dinner is ready. We eat and before the desert (chocolate mouse) we get to open the presents.


2. What’s on top of your Christmas list?

Kerstin: At first I naturally would wish health for my family. The next thing on my list are studio lights. 

Virginie: I wish for christmas piece and love for my family. And super cute china from the Miranda Kerr Royal Albert Collection – for a nice afternoon tea.


3. What are your favorite christmas sweets?

Kerstin: I love gingerbread.

Virginie: Like Kerstin I can’t keep my hands from gingerbread.




4. Did you have an advent calendar this year? 

Kerstin: Yes, one from Kiehls and a chocolate one.

Virginie: I had a Lindt Hello Advent Tower. Great Chocolate every day.


5. What was the best gift you ever got?

Kerstin: Hmm.. I love every gift whiccome from the heart.

Virginie: Difficult. I once got letters from a friend and I was only allowed to open them on certain dates, loved this present. And as a child I once got a playmobil castle, that was pretty awesome.


6. 3 terms you associate with christmas.

Kerstin: Christmas market, Snow, Family

Virginie: Decoration, get together, christmas markets


7. What is your Christmas meal?

Kerstin: We eat salmon.

Virginie: We have goose liver, steak and chocolate mouse.


Christmas Q&A-2


8. Your favorite christmas movie?

Kerstin: I love the classic christmas movies.

Virginie: A Princess for Christmas


9. Your all time favorite christmas song?

Kerstin: Jingle Bells, Felize Navidad, …

Virginie: Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt


10. How stressful is the pre-chrsitmas time for you really?

Kerstin: I usually buy the gifts very early but with university it is not that easy to do the other things (christmas tree, ..)

Virginie: Very. I like to make a lot of presents myself. This year I was quite late with my gift shopping, which stressed me.


11. For whom is it the most difficult to find a present?

Kerstin: For my parents.

Virginie: My dad!


12. What do you think about traveling to a warm country for Christmas?

Kerstin: I have nothing against it, but for me there is no Christmas without a Christmas tree. 

Virginie: Personally I prefer cold christmas. It is to warm right now for Christmas.





We wish you a wonderful Christmas eve, may all your wishes come true!

Kerstin & Virginie



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