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marble and gold cards everybody will want to receive! [DIY]

Create beautiful marble style cards with gold details. Wether it is for an anniversary, birthday or any special occasion or you just want to tell somebody they are important to you. Everybody loves getting a handwritten card, even more if you made them yourself. Simple DIY with a BOOM effect. Everybody will love the cards, they are easy to make and look so nice you could even display them.


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How to make concrete eggs with gold details (DIY)

A nice home decoration idea, that is easy to make and looks great. Easter eggs for your outdoor and indoor decoration. We love all things made out of concrete, especially if they are cute little eggs. We probably will leave them all year long!


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Easy DIY Marble Easter Eggs

Easter Sunday is just around the corner and this year we want to bring the trend of the year to our Easter-Feast: Eggs in marble style. This DIY is super easy and gives every spring/easter decoration a new touch.


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Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris - a visit, an impression

Fondation Louis Vuitton – My impressions, why you should definitely not miss it the next time you visit Paris and all the important hard facts here for you!


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My New Years Resolutions 2016 and how I tend to go trough with them

It is 2016! I still cannot believe it. I hope you had all a wonderful year 2015 and are looking forward to what 2016 will bring us. I am one of these people that still believe in New Years Resolutions. I am realistic about them and I believe I am reasonable enough. I don’t wanna change drastically. I just hope that I can get rid of a few bad habits, at least decrease them a little bit. So I came up with some master plans on how I will get trough with them – or so.


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20. Scarfs, scarfs, scarfs

We have an unusual warm winter this year, still it is frosty enough that we need hat, scarf and gloves to keep us war. We are in December after all, even if it is not snowing. I am very sensible to cold, always need to be warm. After the years I accumulated a variation of scarfs, hats and gloves. Today I want to show you a very small selection of my scarfs in combinations with some hats.


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18. DIY Christmas Chocolate Wrapping

Who does not love chocolate? I definitely have a weakness for chocolate. Take your favorite chocolate and wrap them in self-made christmas paper: you have a perfect little gift. It is a small present you can personalize and everybody who loves chocolate, so almost everyone, will be happy.


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16. Sweetness in a bottle

Christmas is just around the corner. Here a sweet little gift idea that you can easily make with things you have at home. Perfect to bring to a Christmas party for everybody who has a sweet tooth.


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