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20. Scarfs, scarfs, scarfs

We have an unusual warm winter this year, still it is frosty enough that we need hat, scarf and gloves to keep us war. We are in December after all, even if it is not snowing. I am very sensible to cold, always need to be warm. After the years I accumulated a variation of scarfs, hats and gloves. Today I want to show you a very small selection of my scarfs in combinations with some hats.


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8. DIY: pretty Touchscreen-Gloves

It is getting cold outside, time to get your gloves out. A cute DIY to update your touchscreen gloves. So you can be fashionable and use your phone without having to take off your gloves in that freezing weather.


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3. How to make concrete jewelry (DIY)

Make your own gilded concrete jewelry. It is easy to make and would make a lovely present for Christmas.


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ZOECA Jewelry Haul - Blickfang Event Vienna

Weeks ago I visited a event in Vienna called “Blickfang”. Today I like to show you what I bought from the brand Zoeca Jewelry.


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4 different hats perfect for an autumn walk

Walking down a path with all these colorful trees and leaves falling down is so relaxing and inspiring. Autumn is definitely my time of the year. I love how nature changes and these vivid reds and shades of orange and yellow pop up, everything is so bright and calming at the same time. And as a hat person this is the perfect time to show off my little collection of felt hats. The weather is not to cold yet so a hat is the perfect accessory to protect you from a light, breezy autumn wind.


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my mullet dress and the funny story surrounding my clutch

Hello everyone!

I hope you are enjoying September! As I already mentioned in my last post, I love long dresses. And as we still have some warm days left in September here comes another longish dress of mine: my mullet flowery dress. I always feel like a fairy wearing it.


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my favorite summer hats

My dear readers,

this year summer is heating up. It is unusual hot here in Austria. Wherever you are it is always important to protect ourself from the sun – I know we all love the sun. We buy cremes with sunscreen in it, which is super important. Our skin, especially the one in our face, is very sensible. An easy and fashionable way to provide yourself with even more protection is a hat. I absolutely love my hats. They give me shadow and protection for my face and hair. We often neglect our hair in summer. We go swimming and the chlorine and salt dry out our hair, as well as the heat. My hairdresser always told me to screen my hair from the sun. A summer hat only has advantages for you. Especially if you are out all day, for example exploring a city in your well deserved summer holidays it can be crucial to protect your beautiful head. Furthermore I think hats look absolutely amazing.

Today I want to present my three favorite hats. They have all already made me survive these hot summer days.


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