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Amsterdam - an amazing city full of tulips

Hi everyone! As you might have seen on Instagram, I was in Amsterdam at the beginning of March. This city is awesome. Full of bikes, cheese and beautiful tulips. At the last day we visited Rotterdam (40 minutes from Amsterdam) I  was so happy that the weather was good. It was cold und cloudy but not rainy! Okay now I show you my impressions from my trip.


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Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris - a visit, an impression

Fondation Louis Vuitton – My impressions, why you should definitely not miss it the next time you visit Paris and all the important hard facts here for you!


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My favorite Kaffeehäuser in Vienna

What comes to your mind when you think of Vienna? Vienna has quite the reputation for its infamous Kaffeehäuser and how much I love these places. There is no time I am in the City without taking a break and escaping in one of the many Kaffeehäuser around town.


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Barcelona: my trip to this beautiful city

I traveld to Barcelona in September and today I want to share my impressions of this trip with you. This city is so beautiful and it’s never boring. For me it was my second time there and I miss the palms, the sea and the flair of this city since I am back home.


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