Soon it will be christmas night. We want our homes to look as festive as possible. Today I am going to show how to make these cute Christmas ball ornaments for your home decoration.


My mom and I got sat down every year before Christmas, we made Christmas tea and prepared a plate with Christmas biscuits and then we made these cute Christmas ball ornaments. They are quite easy to make and look adorable. The great thing ist that you can make them however you please. The chosen fabric, the color of the ribbon, the size; everything can be adapted to your individual taste. Another easy Christmas ball ornament DIY are the glass balls I decorated: 10. Christmas ornament.



What you will need:

What you need to create fabric Christmas ball ornaments: fabric, styrofoam ball, needles, ribbon and knife


• fabric: best with little patterns on it

• styrofoam ball Styrofoam balls 6cm

• ribbon

• flat head pins

• pins with pearl heads

• knife

• scissors

• pen

• pattern download it here



How to make the Christmas ball ornaments:

1. Cutting the styrofoam ball

cutting styrofoam Christmas ball ornament


First you have to cut the styrofoam ball with a sharp knife creating six parts. You cut 2 mm deep lines around the ball.



2. Cutting the fabric

cut out the fabric with the pattern


With the pattern that you can download here cut out six pieces of fabric. The pattern has to be put diagonal on the fabric, this way it fits better on the round form of the ball. You can either choose three different fabric and cut out 2 of each pattern or two different fabrics and cut out 3 pieces of each fabric. Of course you can make all the sections with the same fabric, but I like it when each section is followed by another fabric. Make sure the colors of the fabric match each other.



3. Putting the fabric on the ball

push the edges of the fabric in the cut lines with a sharp knife


Fix the ends of the fabric with a pin where all lines come together. Make sure the fabric is stretched otherwise it will make folds which does not look nice. Now take a knife and push the edges of the fabric into the lines you have cut before. I like to begin at the center of each side and then work my way up and down to the narrow parts. Always make sure your fabric is stretched.



4. Putting the ribbon on

finally out a ribbon along the edges and create a loop to hang it and a bow


Your Christmas ball ornament is almost finished. It is time to put the ribbon around the ball. I start by leaving 2 to 3 cm of ribbon and then fix it on the top wehere all the lines come together with a flat head pin. Then I wrap the ribbon along the edges to cover the lines. Done with all the lines you can put a pin with a pearl head, preferably with a fitting color, on the bottom of the ball, this will fix the ribbon on the bottom. On the top you fix it it a pin with a flat head that won’t be seen afterwards. Now create a loop to later hang the Christmas ball ornament and a bow. The bow will be fixed with a pin with a pearl head. You can use as many pins underneath the bow to fix the ribbon as you want, just make sure you don’t see them in the end.



Finished Christmas ball ornaments

Christmas ball ornaments made with fabric in pink colors


You can make a simple bow with two loops or like the big ball in the middle make many loops. Here you can see swell the big needles put in on the end to fix the ribbon. The needles used underneath the bow to fix the ribbon can not be seen.



Christmas ball ornament fabric-13


Christmas ball ornament in yew


I hope you enjoyed this DIY. As always tag your creations with #thebrunettesadvent.


Wish you a happy advent,

xoxo Virginie



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