Who does not love chocolate? I definitely have a weakness for chocolate. Take your favorite chocolate and wrap them in self-made christmas paper: you have a perfect little gift. It is a small present you can personalize and everybody who loves chocolate, so almost everyone, will be happy.


Christmas is in less then a week and we ran from one christmas party to another. It is always nice to get a little something for christmas. These wrapped chocolate bars make the perfect little gift. You can easily carry them with you in your bag as a back up present, just in case you ran into somebody. Plus they are easy to make, can be personalized and you only need things you definitely have at home. You probably only have to make a run for some more chocolate.


What you will need:

You will need chocolate bar, paper, black pencil and sticky tape.


• plain paper

• black pencil

• sticky tape

• chocolate bar



1. Wrapping

wrap the chocolate bar in white paper


Wrap your chocolate bar with the white paper.


christmas chocolate wrapping-3



2. Lettering



Now with a black pencil write your christmas wishes on the chocolate bar. Get as creative as you want. The wishes can be personalized. Inside jokes are always funny between friends.



wrapped chocolate bars with personal christmas wishes


This DIY is really super easy and everybody who loves chocolate will be more than happy to get their personal christmas chocolate bar. They are almost to nice to unwrap, but my love for chocolate is too big.



yammy chocolate bar in personalized christmas wrapping



Other sweet DIYs:

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muffin in a bottle


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Türchen 7 hat sich soeben auf dem Blog geöffnet. Ein schnelles DIY für süße Teebeutel ♥ Door 7: a quick Christmas DIY for sweet tea bags. Enjoy ♥




I wish you a great Friday and a lot of fun with your personal Christmas chocolate bars.

xoxo Virginie



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