A nice home decoration idea, that is easy to make and looks great. Easter eggs for your outdoor and indoor decoration. We love all things made out of concrete, especially if they are cute little eggs. We probably will leave them all year long!


easteregg (1 von 27)


What you will need:

– eggs

– concrete

– water

– wooden stick to mix


– deco metal

– gilding/deco metal application milk

– oil

– brush


Kleines Loch in das Ei brechen und Eiweiß und Eigelb entfernen


Make a little hole on one point of the egg and empty the egg yolk and white. Wash out any remaining egg white with some water. It is easier to peel off the egg-shell later, if you put some oil in the egg so that the inside is a bit greasy.


Holen Eier mit Betongemisch füllen


Mix the concrete with the water until you gain a homogeneous consistence. Fill the hollow eggs with the concrete and let them dry at least 24 h.

Side note: if you have the feeling that in your dry concrete are too many big crumbs or even stones, silver it first, this way you will have nice and fine concrete.


Beton mindestens 24 h trocknen lassen


Eierschale vorsichtig mit einem Messer vom Beton lösen


After the concrete is completely dry, peel off the egg shell with a knife. Pleas be careful! In case there are still little pieces of the white skin from the egg shell on the concrete just take a sponge and some water and scrub them off.


Optional kann man die Eier aus Beton auch noch mit etwas Blattgold verzieren.


The eggs are finally ready. If you like to give them a little extra touch decorate them with some gold. Use your gilding and brush it on the egg where you later want the gold to stick. Let the gilding dry before applying the gold. Brush off all excess. That is it, you have your extra glamorous concrete egg with some golden Details – love it!


Betoneier mit und ohne Gold


Two eggs got a little golden coating on the bottom, the other two stayed all natural. All I have to do now is find a place to show them off.



fertige Ostereier aus Beton mit goldenen Details


We wish you a lot of fun copying this DIY and would love to see some pictures. Use the #thebrunettesDIY to show off your creations.



Happy Crafting,

the brunettes

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