Today I show you a quick DIY for tea bags. It’s a perfect present for people who love tea as much as I do.




You’ll need:

  • needle
  • scissors
  • loose tea
  • tea filters here
  • thread
  • cookie cutter
  • pencil




Step 1

Take your cookie cutter and draw the outline on your tea filter.




Step 2

Take your threaded needle and push it through the bottom of your tea filter. Keep going – always pulling the needle up, leaving a little space and pushing the needle down – again and again. Stop when you’re about 2/3 of the way done.


Step 3

To make it easer to fill the tea bag, cut around your motive. Now fill it with your loose tea.




Step 4

Continue stitching your motive closed. When you’ve reached the end tie it into a double knot.


Step 5

You can do some little labels for the end of the thread. I did some christmas scribbles.


I hope you enjoyed this DIY and I would love to see your creation, if you try it out (use #thebrunettesadvent so that I can see them).

I wish you a nice evening. xoxo

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