11. DIY watercolor mug with nail polish

Only thirteen days till christmas. Time for a very easy and nice DIY with nail polish. It’s so simple but incredible nice – perfect gift for friends, family or for yourself. Now i’ll show you the steps.


nail polish


What you’ll need for your nail polish mug

  • mug
  • nail polish
  • old container you don’t mind ruining
  • bamboo skewer or toothpick here
  • paper towel or parchment paper


nail polish


Step 1

Fill the bowl with warm water. Pour a few drops of polish into the water. Not to much!


nail polish


Step 2

Take your skewer and swirl.


nail polish


Step 3

Put your mug into the bowl. The nail polish will hold on it. Put it out and place your mug on the paper towel to dry. That’s it! Please note: Your mug is no longer dishwasher safe nor is it microwave safe! Please hand-washing!


nail polish

nail polish


If you decide to do this DIY I would love to see them. Tag them with #thebrunettesadvent.

Wish you an nice friday! xoxo


nail polish


  1. Hallo ihr Süßen, was für eine zauberhafte Idee! Ich hab das vorhin auf eurem Insta gesehen & musste echt schauen kommen wie ihr das gemacht habt. Nagellack & Water Marbelling war also das Geheimnis 🙂 Da wäre ich nicht drauf gekommen. Ich glaube ich werde das mal ausprobieren, ist eine mega schöne Geschenkidee & auch was fürs eigene Zuhause.

    Ganz liebe Grüße


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