Easter Sunday is just around the corner and this year we want to bring the trend of the year to our Easter-Feast: Eggs in marble style. This DIY is super easy and gives every spring/easter decoration a new touch.


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What you will need to make marbled easter eggs

What you will need:

– white eggs (boiled)

– pot with warm water

– nail polish

– wooden stick

– disposable gloves


How to make easter eggs in marble optic:

Drop some drops of nail polish into the water and with the stick create the marble optic. You can only use one color or mix different colors together. I used blue, gold and a tiny bit of black.


Oster Ei mit Marmor Effekt


2 Now carefully plunge the egg into the water and turn it, so that there is everywhere a little bit of nail polish. Let it dry and finished are your marbled Easter Eggs – stylish and elegant, perfect to decorate your home.


finished marbled easter eggs DIY


close up marble optic


Now your eggs are ready for the egg hunt. They look almost to nice for the easter bunny to hide them.


How do you celebrate Easter? Do you have a special family tradition or a tradition custom to your country? In my family Easter Sunday is pretty big. First my little brother and I got egg hunting, I know we are both adults already but we still ask my mother to hide the little nests. For a day in the year feeling like a little child again :-). And my mom is really good in hiding the nests. After we found our chocolate bunny we got to my grandparents place and there we have a huge Brunch. We have eggs in all kinds of variations, mostly boiled and in different colors of course. And we eat all morning long. Ham, bread, marmelade, cake, just super yummy stuff. And it is nice to be with your family and I just love a good brunch.


Happy crafting and a wonderful Easter 2016!


easter eggs in marble optic in golden egg packaging

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