Christmas is the season of the most amazing decorations of the year. Shops give their best to give their windows a festive makeover and we get out our christmas ornaments to brighten up our homes. Create your very own Christmas ornament for a personal touch.


You can get as creative as you want and you won’t need much. The first thing you need will be some transparent glass balls. And from there on you can create whatever you want. Here some examples.


transparent glas balls


First you will need some transparent glass balls.

Get your transparent glass balls here



Feather ball

transparent glas ball and grey weathers


You can put feathers in them. I chose some grey ones. Furthermore I found it easier to cut off the base of the feather (the hard part). It is easier to bend and arrange them in the ball.



Golden Christmas ornament

glas christmas ball and gold spray paint


Take some sticky tape and paper and mask the part you don’t want to paint. Spray your glass ball outside or in a well aired room. Afterwards let them dry by hanging them on a rope.



Pink dots

nail polish in purple and pink shades


For this Christmas ornament you will need nail polish in different colors and of course your transparent Christmas ball. You can take whatever colors you like and even just use one single color.


christmas ornament diy pink shade dots


Put little dots with your nail polish on the ball. I decided to put a lot on the top and gradually making less.



Nature in a ball

fir, bells, diy christmas ornament. nature in a glass ball


Put winter on your Christmas tree. Take some fir and branches and put them in the glass ball. Take a stick to arrange the branches in the ball. You can put bells, berries, whatever you want in it. I put a ribbon on top of it to give it the finishing touch.



christmas ornaments diy glas balls filled and decorated



I wish you a lot of fun creating your own christmas ornaments. Would love to see some creations, tag them with #thebrunettesadvent.


Xoxo Virginie

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