Christmas is just around the corner. Here a sweet little gift idea that you can easily make with things you have at home. Perfect to bring to a Christmas party for everybody who has a sweet tooth.


A bottle full of sweetness. Put the dry ingredients of your favorite recipe into a bottle and on a label the instructions what to make and add. I chose my favorite muffins. They are easy to make and super tasty.


What you will need:


• a glass bottle

• 250 g flour

• 200 g chocolate cut into pieces

• 220 g sugar

• a label with the instructions and the missing ingredients print it here



bottle filled with flour, chocolate and sugar. grate muffins in a bottle

Fill the ingredients into a bottle. It is nice to always layer very contrasting layers over each other. First the flour, then the chocolate and then the sugar.



ginger bread and copper cutters


For an extra effect make some ginger bread cookies with two holes in them. You can tie them around the bottle and tie a bow with a ribbon. Don’t forget the label with the instructions and the missing ingredients.


Print it:




muffin in a bottle-4



I wish you a great evening!

xoxo Virginie


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