It is 2016! I still cannot believe it. I hope you had all a wonderful year 2015 and are looking forward to what 2016 will bring us. I am one of these people that still believe in New Years Resolutions. I am realistic about them and I believe I am reasonable enough. I don’t wanna change drastically. I just hope that I can get rid of a few bad habits, at least decrease them a little bit. So I came up with some master plans on how I will get trough with them – or so.


So my New Years Resolutions aren’t exactly new. I have tried to change a few things in my life for a while now. Some of my bad habits just ain’t good for me and will get me in some trouble. I will just use the new-found spirit of a new year to strengthen my inner will and finally do something about them.


Doing something about my bad posture!

Doing something about my bad posture!

Having a bad posture is quite common nowadays. When I was 12/13 I grew 10 cm in one years. For the following years I have always been the tallest in class, overlooking all the boys and girls and most of my teachers. I wasn’t a shy teenager, but still full in puberty I did not want to stand out like that – literally. Like many tall people I started to try to decrease my size by bending down, getting into weird postures where one leg stood out and people kept on falling over it. With university everything got worse. I didn’t bend down that much anymore, but I was in front of my laptop all day long and I actually hooked my back to a hump. My back started to hurt. I knew I had to do something about it. This is an appeal to all you who are sitting in front of your computer with crooked postures or the ones bending their heads down to check their Instagrams or Facebooks or our blog :-), keep on doing that. Remind yourself to look after your back, it will thank you.

Strengthening your back will not only prevent you from bad backache, that will increase with age, it also looks better. Plus I noticed, that the holiday belly looks much flatter with a straight posture.


My master plan for my bad back:

I try to remind myself as often as possible to sit straight, stand straight. I know that I flip my pelvis forth and create a hollow back plus I have a slight hump if I am lazy. So whenever I think of it I try to tilt back my pelvis, getting a straight back. Then I put my shoulders back but also close my chest. Many people just force their shoulders back and do not put counter tension in the front.

Another good advice is when you sit or stand straight to turn your elbows inside. Your back will automatically straighten itself. This little exercise can be made everywhere: in the bureau, at the bus stop, while waiting in line. I now go on walks and try to remember to tilt my pelvis back, look after my shoulders and try to keep a good posture while walking. After a while it will come automatically.

For a good posture sport is inevitable. I do now back exercises and will probably start with yoga when I am back in Switzerland, or maybe ballet, don’t know yet. Swimming is also great for your back.

Do you have any good advice for a good posture?



Better managing my time or reducing procrastination.

Stop procrastination and start better managing time


Procrastination – the art of postponing duties till the very end and to do everything in the last-minute and miraculously still managing to finish. I know I am not the only one, but still this is something that has already gotten me in bad situations. 2016 is a new year and I WILL better manage my time.


How to not go crazy and not have to do everything in the last-minute:

For starters I make To-Do lists. These help. I have written down my tasks, now I don’t have to think about the others while I work on one. I can fully concentrate on one duty, while the others wait there on the paper to be done. My biggest problem was, that I often couldn’t bring myself to do something even if I was bored. I would rather zap through crappy TV then to do my tasks.

The last months I learned something very important that helped me a lot. DO IT IMMEDIATELY!!! My mom always used to say that to me and it annoyed me. But if you get yourself to just do it, it will be over in probably no time. To remind me of that every day I created a screen saver for my phone that said: do it now! (immediately was too long). It actually helped me a lot.

I realized that we are easy distracted. So now that I decided to do some work, I put my phone on sleeping mode and with an app (ATimeLogger) I track the time I take for my task.

I still have a long way to go, but it is a start.



Sweet, sweet sugar!

Reducing the sugar!


I know! Pretty much everybody’s New Years Resolution after the holidays is to reduce the sugar and eat healthy. And yes I ate way to much chocolate, biscuits, ginger bread, candy canes and more before christmas. And during the holidays it did not get any better. I am living now alone and at the beginning I was still motivated to cook and eat healthy to the end not so much anymore. Pasta sounded like an awesome meal – which it is, but not five times a week.


Less sugar more healthy food in 2016?

In a few days I will go back to Switzerland, being all alone again and having to cook for myself again – it is awesome to have somebody prepare a warm meal for you! I will have to refill my fridge and I will get plenty of good and healthy food. My smoothie maker is ready and so am I. I already started again to drink cups and cups of tea (I was also sick). Hydrating is very important. And if my sugar urge is strong again I start by cutting some fruits. Today I had a pear and an apple.

In the past I realized the less sugar you eat the less you need it. I still will make my cakes and have chocolate (I live in Switzerland after all), but holding back a little bit will do me good. My body and skin will thank me.



Some other resolutions I try to get trough:

One of my worst habits is that I cannot stop popping my pimples. If you have a good advice on how to get yourself to stop having your fingers in your face I would be grateful.

As usual I should do more sport. I will. I promise.

I am slowly getting my stuff together and manage to keep my apartment clean. Never have been the very tidy person. But it is actually bearable. Sure when somebody comes for a surprise visit they cannot expect an apartment clean enough that a butler could swipe his white gloves over the floor and they would still be white. But hey, if you cannot bear an apartment where people actually live in, don’t come for a surprise visit.


So I think this is pretty much it. I (still) have a very good feeling about my New Years Resolutions and I can do them!

I wish you all an adventurous and exciting new year, with love, happiness and lots of will to go trough with your New Years Resolutions!


xoxo Virginie


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