We have an unusual warm winter this year, still it is frosty enough that we need hat, scarf and gloves to keep us war. We are in December after all, even if it is not snowing. I am very sensible to cold, always need to be warm. After the years I accumulated a variation of scarfs, hats and gloves. Today I want to show you a very small selection of my scarfs in combinations with some hats.


Scarfs aren’t just practical, but in my opinion also look great. As you can see I like the classic tartan look. Believe me I have a few others in different color variations. I definitely have a weakness for scarfs. So this is an article about my winter scarfs, not the light scarfs you can wear all year. And by the way, the really heavy stuff, the knitted one, will have to wait for another article – I have some of these too, many of them hand-made. I actually needed to get a new commode to fit them all in. Yep I definitely have a thing for winter scarfs.



The vermilion one

brown leather gloves, white barett, red and brown tartan cashmere scarf


Vermilion, a little unusual for a scarf, but it combines quite well. Plus the white barett calms the look down and makes the ensemble chic like a Parisian.




Little red riding hood

red knitted hat, brown leather gloves, green tartan cashmere scarf


This combination brings up many memories. I got the red hat from my aunt. The had knitted a whole set for me. So every time I wear it, it reminds me of her. Thank you!

I purchased the scarf this summer during a road trip with my friends in Scotland. It suddenly got so cold and all four of us bought a cashmere scarf. It was not the only scarf I bought on that trip … maybe I should rethink my obsession with scarfs, this is getting out of hands.




The classic

brown barett, brown gloves, classic tartan cashmere scarf


And here it comes, the classic tartan scarf. A light color with red, brown and black lines. You can’t go wrong with this one. Ok the brown barett takes the classic look to the edge, but what do you want me to say? I am a digger for classic chick.




Big, big pompom

brown leather gloves, brown and beige scarf beige and grey knitted hat with big fur pompom


Oh my beige and grey hat with the huge pompom, absolutely loooove it! It is so warm and looks adorable. I wear the hat with lots of different scarfs, but I like the combination of this one. It hat the beige and grey in it and goes well with one of my beige down jackets. Plus I can wear my brown boots with it. No need to always wear black.




Well braided

big scarf and beige knitted headband


Not a cashmere scarf this time, but it is one of these huge scarfs. In contrast to the big scarf around my neck I like to wear my braided, knitted headband. Keeps the ears warm and look super cute.





So there you go, you just had the incredible joy to get a little insight into my scarf collections.

Take it easy and don’t stress too much these last days before Christmas.

xoxo Virginie



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