Have you been naughty or nice this year? Did you take care of your shoes? If not Krampus is going to come tonight and get you. So get your boots and get them all shiny for old Saint Nicolaus to stuff them with fruits, nuts and chocolate.


Especially in winter it is very important to take care of your boots and booties. Your boots are exposed to a lot of extremes. The cold and wet weather stiffens the leather and the salt attacks it even more. You will protect your shoe by polishing them and make them last longer. A well-groomed shoe will last almost forever. Plus tonight we put our boots outside and wait for Saint Nicolaus to come by and fill them with delicious things. We don’t want to greet the old man with dirty shoes, do we? Who knows, he will send Krampus, the frightful companion of Saint Nicolaus, after us if our filthy boots. So that this won’t happen, I will show you today how to shine your shoes like a pro.

A little extra note: You should let your leather shoes always let rest for a day after wearing. So they don’t loose their fit.

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Step by step shoe shining:


shoe shining kit


What you will need:

• your leather shoes, boots, booties (of course)

• shoe polish I prefer the cream one to the ones in the bottle and experts say it has a better quality

• soft brush

• soft cloth or an old sock will do as well





shoe shining-2



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Brush off the dirt of your shoe. If your shoes are very dirty you can use a damp cloth, but make sure it is not too wet. When using a damp cloth let the shoe dry afterwards before continuing to polish it.



shine your boots and shoes with shoe polish



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Wrap the cloth or old sock around your fingers. Take a little shoe polish and apply it in circular motions. Don’t take too much polish, a little can go a long way. After applying let it set for 15-20 minutes.


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Take the brush and pass the whole shoe with it. The friction is going to create heat and will make your shoe all shiny and new.



shine your shoes so that they are nice for Saint Nicolaus


Now your boots are well-groomed. No reason for Krampus to come and take you away. Old Saint Nicolaus will fill your boots with delicious things.


Happy Krampus and Saint Nicolaus,



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