It is hot tea season. Make your own sugar sticks or also called rock candy to sweeten your tea. It is an easy DIY and makes a cute little present.


What you will need:

What is needed: sugar, water, woodstick, clips, cups


• sugar

• water

• wood sticks

• clothespins

• optional: wooden balls ∅ 10 mm



How to make sugar sticks or rock candy:

Cut sticks to a right size and put the ball at the end

Step 1:

Cut the wood sticks to a right size and to make them nicer you can stick a wooden ball at the end.




boil sugar and water

Step 2:

Mix 2-3 cups of sugar with one cup of water. Bring the mixture to boil and let it boil for a minute.

Pour the sugar-water-mixture in a cup and let it cool down. Take the wooden sticks and dip them into the mixture and then into some sugar. It will create a rough surface. The sugar in the mixture will then be able to stick to the wooden stick.




sugar sticks rock candy_-4

Step 3:

Take two clothespins to hold the wooden stick. Then put the stick into the sugar-water-mixture. The stick should not touch the bottom of the cup. For three to seven days the stick needs to stay in the mixture. From time to time the crystallized sugar on top of the mixture needs to be taken away.




sugar sticks rock candy_-7


The sugar will crystallize around the stick where it was coated with sugar.



sugar sticks rock candy_-6


sugar sticks rock candy_-8




Wish you a nice week and cosy evenings with sweet tea.

Xoxo Virginie



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