Welcome to september. September is great! You still get the last summer heat but slowly can change into a more autumny look. I like to mix some summer vibes with a bohemian style – for me perfect for a hot september day. [su_spacer size=“20″] [/su_spacer] I love to wear a maxi dress in summer. Here I wore my absolute favorite summer maxi dress, a long, black dress that is tied together on the waist. The bag and the belt are vintage pieces I dug out of my mums closet many years ago. The brown belt accentuates even more my waist over the sleek black fabric. With a maxi dress and the main accent on the waist it gives you a very lean and long figure and is very flattering. Not to forget these amazing sandals with the chubby heel. The are super comfortable and easy to wear dew to the thick heel. The hat reminds us that summer is not over yet and I am stil getting this last sun rays!


straw hat

vintage belt on black maxi dress


vintage satchel bag on black maxi dress

leather sandals


These maxi dresses and accessories will make a similar look:


I hope you all had a good September start, maybe school started again or soon university. For me there was a big change: I moved to Switzerland. You will see more from my beautiful new home very soon. So to wrap it all up: Grab your back maxi dress and enjoy these last summer days!


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