Make your own gilded concrete jewelry. It is easy to make and would make a lovely present for Christmas.


What you will need:


concrete jewelry (2 von 15)


• concrete

• water

• mold

• a glass and stick to mix

• gilding/deco metal application milk

• deco metal

• brushes

• chains or leather band to suspend the ornament



How to make the concrete jewelry:

Step 1:

Mix the concrete and the water as described on the packaging.


mixing concrete and water



Step 2:

Poure the mixture into your mold. Let it dry over night.


concrete jewelry (4 von 15)



Step 3:

Slowly press the dried ornament out of its mold. Now you can decorate it with gold leafs. To get sharp edges use sticky tape to create lines. Then put a fine layer of gilding and let it dry. It has to be completely dry before putting the gold leafs on it.


applying gilding, Anlegemilch



Step 4:

Take down the sticky tape. Put the gold leafs on the glued parts. Press them down with your fingers. Then take a brush and brush away all the extra gold.


gild your concrete jewelry



Step 5:

Your ornament is now finished and can be put on a chain to wear as a necklace. You have made your very own concrete jewelry.


concrete jewelry (1 von 2)



I hope you enjoyed this DIY and I would love to see your creation, if you try it out (use #thebrunettesadvent so that I can see them).


Happy crafting!

xoxo Virginie


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