Create beautiful marble style cards with gold details. Wether it is for an anniversary, birthday or any special occasion or you just want to tell somebody they are important to you. Everybody loves getting a handwritten card, even more if you made them yourself. Simple DIY with a BOOM effect. Everybody will love the cards, they are easy to make and look so nice you could even display them.


What you will need:


We want to see marble on everything, even birthday cards! And of course gold!

all you will need to create your own marble cards with gold details


• marble self adhesive vinyl (get the foil here)

• colored cardboard (get rainbow colored Cards here)

• gold paint (get gold paint here)

• brushes

• gold leafs (find a whole gilding starter set here)

• gilding/deco metal application milk

• scissors or cutter

• glue

• white paper



How to make the must-have marble cards


1 preparing

Cut out rectangles out of the cardboard. You can use an old postcard as guidance.


2 it’s marble time

Peel off the foil and stick it on the prepared cardboard pieces. Make sure the edges stick well to the cardboard. The cut off the excess. Et voilà the base for our cards is ready.


cards and marble foil



3 all we want is gold

It’s time to get creative. You can write a message or draw patterns on your cards. There are no limits. For example you can paint flowers with gold paint.


paint a pattern, like flowers, on the marble card with the gold paint

create a pattern with gold paint


Another way to get some gold on your card is by using glitter glue and metallic leafs. First take a brush and the glue to paint whatever you want. I painted hearts and wrote Mama. Let the glue dry completely. After it is dry you can put the gold leafs over the glue. With my fingers I made sure they really stick on the glue. Then carefully brush off the excess with a brush.


paint with the glue on the card and let dry completely

gold leafs step one: stick the leaves on the dried glue

Brush off the excess gold leaves

marble_gold_cards_diy (11 von 27)

Golden, silver and copper Hearts!




On my computer I chose a font I liked and the first letter of the person I will give this card to. To test the size, print it out first on simple white paper. Make sure the letter is mirrored!

Cut out a A4 piece of your marble self adhesive foil and put it in your printer. Oh and make sure it will print the letter on the paper side of the foil! With a cutter carefully cut out the letter.

If on the first try your letter is not in the middle of the card you can easily remove the foil and try again. If you found the right spot make sure again all the edges stick well to the cardboard and cut of the excess foil.


cut out letters on colored background

Cut out A from marble foil on pink paper

To all the people who’s name start with an A!


5 because we love stencil

As you cut out your letter from your foil you are left with a stencil that you can use with spay paint. Lay the stencil on your card and spay it with any colored spray, I used gold to stay in the theme. Remember to do this in a well-aerated place.


with the stencil and gold spay paint the letter on the card



4 I want to write you a love letter

You can either write directly on the colored cardboard, or you cut out a piece of white paper, that is just a bit smaller that the card. Glue it on the back of your card. Now all you are left to do is to tell the persons you love how much they mean to you!


smaller white rectangular glued on the back of the cards



I hope you enjoyed this DIY and that lots of people will get a nice card.


send the cards to someone special!




Happy crafting!


the brunettes



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