It is getting cold outside, time to get your gloves out. A cute DIY to update your touchscreen gloves. So you can be fashionable and use your phone without having to take off your gloves in that freezing weather.


We could consider this as a first world problem, but now seriously, this is a problem. If we are honest, we would never go out of the house without out phones nowadays. And I suppose most of us have a smart phone with a touchscreen. Well I am the kind of person, that will be the first one to get my gloves out off the drawer with my winter accessories. So I need my phone and I need my gloves. But they don’t like each other. I have two choices now: take off my gloves to use my phone or not use my phone. Don’t like any of these choices. So I went on a little shopping spree and got myself touchscreen gloves. They are the ones with the lighter tips on the end of the fingers. Yeah not the most fashionable thing you can find on the market. Well. No need to be all sad. I took the basic grey gloves and transformed them myself to some fashion able pieces. Nobody said that practical can not be chick.


pearls and grey touchscreen gloves



What you will need:

what you will need for your pearl touch screen gloves


• a pair of gloves that can be used on touchscreen surfaces

• pearls

• needle

• thread

  That’s it. Don’t need much for this DIY.



How to transform these touchscreen gloves:


lay out a pattern to see how you want your pearls on your touch screen gloves

Step 1:

Lay out a pattern with your pearls until you find something you like.



with needle and transparent thread stich on the pearls and rhinestones

Step 2:

Take your needle and thread and sew the pearls on your glove. I put a cardboard into the glove so that I don’t sew it together. Put them on from while to while to see how it looks like worn.


That’s it. You just transformed your plain, but practical gloves to cute and practical gloves.


touchscreen gloves with stitched on pearls, cute DIY



Get your pair of touchscreen gloves:


If you decide to upgrade your touchscreen gloves I would love to see them. Tag them with #thebrunettesadvent.


Wish you a cosy and stylish winter,

Xoxo Virginie

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