Walking down a path with all these colorful trees and leaves falling down is so relaxing and inspiring. Autumn is definitely my time of the year. I love how nature changes and these vivid reds and shades of orange and yellow pop up, everything is so bright and calming at the same time. And as a hat person this is the perfect time to show off my little collection of felt hats. The weather is not to cold yet so a hat is the perfect accessory to protect you from a light, breezy autumn wind.


hats on wood table


 A different colored hat for every day

So here they are, my four favorite hats. I really love wearing hats. In summer they will be lighter and made out of straw (check out my post about my favorite summer hats) and in autumn I am wearing heavier felt hats. Every hat has its own little history and I love that they all have very different shades. You can see here two fedoras, the black on in the back and the bright purple one. This hat can be seen in various mafia movies. It is a classic mens hat and a very good shape if you want to start wearing hats. The beige one and the orange one are floppy hats, very feminine.


felt hat in orange, autumn


Floppy hats are great, but when buying one make sure the brim is stiff enough, otherwise your sight will be quite limited. Floppy hats are fun to wear and look really nice. The orange one is from Accessorize, they make really nice hats, the beige one is from H&M and there the brim is slightly to floppy. But very floppy floppy hats are just the thing you need if you are out and about to do some inkognito work and don’t want anybody to see you face. I cannot guarantee that you won’t be noticed, a hat is after all a statement piece.


autumn landscape, hat


The fedoras. They are sometimes also named Borsalino after a well known hat company in Italy. The fedora is a really nice shape for a hat and fits almost every head shape. So it is the ideal hat to start your journey into the amazing world of hat.

This bright purple hat is again from Accessorize and I really like it. The color is amazing, especially for autumn this kind of shade is great, a little pop of color. Then the bow and the golden detail makes it even more exquisite.


autumn black hat


Last, but definitely not least, this beauty. I bought this black fedora this summer in Scotland. Kerstin, two other friends and I went on a road trip to Scotland last summer and it was one of the best holidays I have ever had. This country is so beautiful and the people are really nice. If you get the chance to visit, you should definitely go! So this hat was purchased after a nice little visit and degustation of the Glenfiddich Whisky Distillery. A place worthy visiting, not only for their good Scotch.


Wish you all wonderful autumn days!

Xoxo Virginie



And here some chosen hats for your delight:

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