Hi everyone! There are so many different brands which have liquid lipsticks in their assortment. Weeks ago I bought some of them by the brand LA Splash Cosmetics and how they are I’ll tell you now.


Liquid Lipsticks


Lip Couture Liquid Lipsticks

Lip Couture’s rich waterproof shades will leave a velvety, matte finish that never transfers. Experiment with our boldest high pigmented shades — from neutral to solid black. With its innovative formula that glides on as liquid and dries matte, you are sure to turn heads! Use the Lip Couture Remover to effortlessly remove the lipstick and leave your lips super moisturized and cushiony soft. LA Splash Cosmetics

First Impressions

I’m addicted with liquid lipsticks – they are awesome. This brand is really new for me and I was so excited to try out these products.

I bought three of the lipsticks in the shades: Rose Garden, Poison Apple and Malevolent. The packaging is a transparent plastic tube. When you open the product you have a long applicator with a sponge at the end. With this sponge it’s really easy to put the product on you lips.


Get LA Splash Cosmetics here

Price $14,00


Liquid Lipsticks

Shade Rose Garden


Liquid Lipsticks

Shade Malevolent


Liquid Lipsticks



My favorite one is Rose Garden. This one is really easy to apply on my lips. The other one are also very nice but as you can see, they get a little bit spotted after drying. Poison Apple and Malevolent also break up after one hour and start a little bit to crumble on my lips. But thats okay. I love them.

All in all these products are very nice – I love Rose Garden – this shade is perfect!


Do you have experience with this brand?

xoxo, Kerstin

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