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I hope you are enjoying September! As I already mentioned in my last post, I love long dresses. And as we still have some warm days left in September here comes another longish dress of mine: my mullet flowery dress. I always feel like a fairy wearing it.


pastel colors, dress, leather jacket


To the mullet dress. Thank god that now when we think of the mulet we don’t automatically associate it with this awful hair trend from the 80’s. What was the motto of the mullet again? Business in the front, party in the back? I am just thankful, that the mullet did not find its way back into the hair cut trends. But designers got inspired by the short front, long back concept and brought us the mullet dress. And don’t they look beautiful? I love wearing mine.


pastel dress with light blue jacket


My mullet dress is from Review. It has a corset like top made of white jeans fabric with a color pattern all over it that reminds of flowers. The bottom part – the fun part – is made out of a very light weighted fabric. The bottom part flies and is so nice to wear. It has the same pattern but is made out of a nearly transparent fabric.

The light blue leather jacket has been my trusty compagnon for a while now. I love the light color and the rosé gold zipper and buttons. It goes with a lot of different looks.


clutch from guess in pink



The funny story how I got this Guess clutch

First thing, I love little bags, from clutches to shoulder bags, I have them all. I have the habit to buy a bag or an accessory on holidays as a souvenir. They make more sense to me and have a better purpose than a little dusty statue on a shelf. But thats just my opinion. Plus every time I wear one of my „souvenirs“ I remember an awesome holiday.

So before I can star with funny, slightly awkward story that will always come to my mind when wearing this clutch I have to make something clear. I am from Austria, so is my best friend, that was with me when everything went down. So we come from near Vienna and we might have our dialect, but we speak German – run into some people lately, that did not know that. And we understand most germans and I dare to say that most germans will understand us. We speak „normal“ German. In Switzerland however this is is a whole other story. For me swiss german is another language.

Now, I was with my best friend in Zurich and we entered the Guess Store. A sales woman comes up to us and says something uncomprehensive for us. We must have had the weirdest looks on our faces of deep concentration to understand something and just blunt confusion. Well the woman started to speak english with us, which was much easier to understand. She was the first person in Zurich speaking to us and the shock of not understanding what the hell she was saying must have been so big that it took us a few seconds until we were able splutter out that we actually spoke German, but that she needed to slow down.

Well in the end I bought this clutch and always remember an unforgettable holiday with my bff in Zurich.


pink and red clutch in envelope style



And these sandals I bought in shop in Venice last year. I was there with my family and always remember an amazing holiday and how my mum and I discovered this great shop in a little alley while my dad and brother were waiting impatiently outside,


And to round everything up, here my little extras for the look:

My all time favorite perfume: Chanel Chance
and of course this beautiful Chanel Lipgloss, Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer 144


I would love to know if you also like to buy accessories as souvenirs in your holidays and if yes whats you favorite?


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