My dear readers,

this year summer is heating up. It is unusual hot here in Austria. Wherever you are it is always important to protect ourself from the sun – I know we all love the sun. We buy cremes with sunscreen in it, which is super important. Our skin, especially the one in our face, is very sensible. An easy and fashionable way to provide yourself with even more protection is a hat. I absolutely love my hats. They give me shadow and protection for my face and hair. We often neglect our hair in summer. We go swimming and the chlorine and salt dry out our hair, as well as the heat. My hairdresser always told me to screen my hair from the sun. A summer hat only has advantages for you. Especially if you are out all day, for example exploring a city in your well deserved summer holidays it can be crucial to protect your beautiful head. Furthermore I think hats look absolutely amazing.

Today I want to present my three favorite hats. They have all already made me survive these hot summer days.


black straw hat


I will start with the biggest and oldest hat in my little collection. I  bought it at Zara. The moment I saw it I had fallen in love. I had to drag my friend back to the store to get it. This black beauty is quite big and maybe not everybody’s thing. It is definitely a statement piece. But I really like it. I admit the brim is unusual big but that’s what gives it this extra flair. Plus a big brim provides even more shadow to protect our beautiful and sensitive skin.


black straw hat back



The next hat was purchased in Barcelona last year. It was quite hot and of course I had forgotten to bring an headgear. I especially like the pattern. You can easily dress up a simple outfit with a cute little hat like this one.


straw hat with pattern

straw hat with pattern detail



Last but definitely not least is this Panama hat. My dear brother was recently in Ecuador and got me a real Panama hat. A real Panama is truly a piece for life.

A Panama hat, also called toquilla straw hat, can be fold without loosing its shape. A good quality Panama even will be rolled up in a box when buying. The delicately woven pattern and the leaves of the Carludavica palmata plant allow the hat to be bend. I still would be careful, even thought they can endure a lot, our climate isn’t as damp as in Ecuador and the straw can get a little dry. The better the quality of a Panama the more endurable it will be.

There a different signs for a good quality Panama hat. First of all there is a numeric grading system for the quality of the hat, but they can vary from seller to seller. The hats with the best quality are called Montecristis, after their tow of origin Montecristi in Ecuador. Another sign for a good quality hat is the fineness of the weaving. The more weaves the hat has the better the quality, it is much more work on one hand but will allow the hat a much better elasticity. And last the price. A high quality product has its price. In Europe they can cost you a couple of hundred Euros, even surpassing the 1000 Euros, so if you have the chance to get one in Ecuador take it. They are much cheaper there. But even there a really good toquilla straw hat has its price.


Panama hat

Panama hat single


So if you decide to get a real Panama hat with a good quality that will last a life long, they will cost some money, so make sure the fit you right. But once you have one you will absolutely love it for a very long time. And until then a normal straw hat will do the job.


I wish you all a great summer as long as it still lasts!



Panama hat, good day!

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