This summer was extraordinary hot. Well luckily this seasons hottest trend saved the day. We saw shorts all over the place,the tabloid magazines ware full of stars wearing our favorite summer trend. Especially the high waisted models were seen a lot – and I absolutely love them. Today I am showing you one of my interpretations of the shorts trend with a pair of self made pink silk shorts.


the outfit: shorts and button down

The shorts I am wearing are made of fickle wild silk. The fabric changes between the colors red and pink due to red and pink yard that was used to weave the fabric. The wild silk has a very rough feeling and the surface is not very smooth which gives this fabric and the shorts an extra flair. Silk is great for hot summer days. It has cooling abilities – just perfect. I made these shorts myself for my Bachelor project. They even come with a fitting top in the same color and fabric. The bow at the side is an extra eye catcher.

To dress down the vivid color I used a light blue button down shirt and rolled up the sleeves. I think that the colorful shorts and the calm shirt make a fresh summer look perfect for the city. Especially the blue loafer make the outfit just right for a city shopping spree.


summer outfit with pink wild silk shorts


Shorts: Asos

Shirt: AsosRalph LaurenZalando

Shoes: Zalando



to accentuate

I am not a big jewelry person. I like to keep it simple and as I think that the outfit speaks for itself I just chose to wear two little silver studs and this chubby chain bracelet that I got from my grandmother for a birthday once.


accessories to summer outfit chain bracelet


I love little clutches and cross body bags. I think they are perfect for the city. Sometimes busy streets can be very crowded and I like to keep my bag then in front of me. I have had this bag for many years now, got it from Mango. It is a silver and blue box clutch with a chain that can be put inside the bag and be worn as a regular clutch. It is a little bit hard to open which I like even more. This bag has accompanied me to so many parties and city already – it’s a real keeper.

And on hot summer day sunglasses can’t be left alone. Here my absolute favorite pair: Fendi sunglasses in brown with blue and red accents.


cross body bag and sunglasses

accessories to pink wild silk shorts outfit



And here an extract of the products I used for my look. The red Rouge in Love 185N lipstick from Lancôme made my look perfect. The color looks quite red on the lipstick but hat a light pinkish touch on the lips. And my absolutely favorite perfume, especially for summe: the pink Chanel Chance. It smells like you just entered a flower shop. It won’t be the last time you will see this round bottle in one of my posts.


make-up used for summer outfit

Rouge in Love by Lancôme

Lancôme Rouge in Love Lipstick 185N Rouge Valentine

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Toilette

Lancôme Hypnose Drama Mascara 01 Excessive Black

Guerlain Parure Gold Fluid Foundation 02 Beige Clair

L’Oréal Paris Glam Bronze Duo, Blonde Harmony Number 101

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