There are moments in life you need to mark with something special. Whether it is a nice get-together with friends, a trip with your loved ones or a special gift. A high-quality watch is not only a perfect companion for every day but also a beautiful jewel for eternity. The latest Union Glashütte lady model Sirona in a passionate Bordeaux red captured our hearts. This unique watch does not only convince with its delicate looks but also with the outstanding craftsmanship.



Red, red, red!

Union Glashütte combines great craftsmanship with exceptional design in their newest lady’s watch Sirona. The oxblood automatic watch immediately caught our attention! One glance at the fine timepiece and you know why! The dainty design with sparkling diamonds and the fiery red dial makes this new Sirona a true statement piece. The colour-matched leather strap snuggles perfectly around your delicate wrist.


Not only looks, but also wits – for all that want more

Beauty and intelligent are no antonyms – far from it! The Sirona from Union Glashütte proves that with its graceful Bordeaux hue and its detailed mechanics. Behind the shiny diamonds, a powerful calibre works every day at its best. The U 2892A2 automatic movement assembled by hand ensures precision and autonomy of the timepiece. The finely worked rotor, with the traditional Glashütte ribbing, can be admired through the see-through glass case back.



A quick guide to watches

A small side track to the wast world of watches. Calibre, rotor and power reserve does not belong to your day-to-day vocabulary then worry no longer. We will give you a quick guide to watches.

Automatic vs. quartz – mechanic vs. battery

A quartz watch runs on a battery. You have to change this battery about every one to two years. Most fashion watches are quartz watches. On the other hand, a mechanical watch runs without a battery. A mechanical watch can either have an automatic winding or be hand wound. The automatic movement works with a rotor, a heavy mass that swings with the movement of your arm and winds up the watch. A hand wound movement – as you can already guess – needs to be wound by hand through the crown. After your watch is fully wound up, the next question is, how long it will run, before you need to wind it up again. That is when we talk about power reserve.

Union Glashütte only makes mechanical watches. The Sirona might look like a delicate lady’s watch – but don’t be fooled. At its heart beats a powerful movement that is assembled and decorated in Glashütte. You can marvel about the traditional Glashütte ribbing on the rotor of the Union watch through the transparent glass case back – as beautifully seen on the picture above. Furthermore, the U 2892A2 calibre of this new Sirona has a power reserve of 42 hours.



Thinking of watches we immediately associate them with Switzerland. In the sleepy Glashütte in the Saxon Ore Mountains, a hub of fine watchmaking emerged. The picturesque village close to Dresden became a brand of origin for fine German watchmaking. Thanks to Adolph Lange the watch industry found its way to Germany. Today brands like A. Lange & Söhne and Glashütte Original are mentioned in the same breath as Swiss traditional brands like Rolex, Omega, Jaeger-Le Coultre or Audemars Piguet – to name a few. Nomos Glashütte and their minimalist watches in the Bauhaus design became the trademark of architects and design lovers. For fans of fine watchmaking, mechanical watches „made in Glashütte“ will love the timeless designs and fair prices of the Union Glashütte watches.



Because I am worth it!

Who knows, maybe it is the age or maybe the experience. The more I learn about fine jewellery, the more I appreciate the craftsmanship behind it. That feeling of fine materials and the long work put into creating those masterpieces makes them even more valuable. The same occurs to watches. I might be still a novice to the ticking world of watches, I can truly appreciate a fine timepiece. I especially love the rotating movement inside an automatic watch and its weight as you wear it on your wrist. Today I cannot imagine not wearing a watch every day. I almost feel naked without one.

The Sirona from Union Glashütte is an exceptional piece. The size of the watch and its soft leather strap snuggles perfectly around my wrist. And dear do I love this red. Although it is a very powerful colour it can easily be worn with almost every outfit. A unique jewel for a self-confident wearer!



You love this watch as much as we do? Find out more out it and where to purchase it on!

For all that want to learn more about Union Glashütte and its broad history, we recommend visiting the special exhibition „Union Glashütte – 125 years German Art of Watchmaking“ at the German Watch Museum in Glashütte. The exhibition is open until the 2nd of April 2018. It is the perfect occasion for a short trip to the beautiful Dresden!

Union Glashütte – 125 Years German Art of Watchmaking
Deutsche Uhrenmuseum Glashütte
Mon – Sun, 10 am – 5 pm


We wish you a wonderful day!

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